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Join the movement of companies that broke through the $1M glass ceiling faster, continue to scale growth, and create shareholder value above the Dow Jones Index with less effort. 

“Momentum is power.”, said famed inspirational leader Tony Robbins. ... Once you have momentum, things get easier.


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The Team. The Processes

"Free me up so I can level up!"

Using the PDPWorks Performance Management System, I will help you define the process set and build out the team that will take your business to the next level.



"Freeing you up to level up!"

We're Your Coach To Scalable, Sustainable Growth.


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The 2 Major Accelerators to High Business Performance

The PDPWorks Performance Management System is the key to hitting these accelerators. 

1. The Right Team Members

I have a unique software tool to help you identify the ideal candidates, allowing you to delegate with trust and assurance. 

2. The Right Process Set

Once the processes are defined, the team you build is matched to the process requirements that deliver your high performance business. 

From here, sustainable, scaleable growth is a natural result. 

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  • Discuss options and make a plan to take you forwards. 

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The Biggest Pain: Finding and Retaining Great Staff

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Most business leaders would agree that the most difficult, frustrating - and expensive - parts of running a business or department is to find and retain great staff. 

Here's the Secret:

If you get the ideal candidate, they not only deliver brilliantly on the job you need doing, but they are happy in their work and stay with the company. 

We have spent decades developing a remarkable software tool, which determines whether someone is right for a job. It is unique and has been refined and proven over a very long term and on more than FIVE MILLION case studies. 

Working together, I can help you solve one of the most difficult problems in starting, managing and growing a business. 

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You Are an Expert at What You Do

But You Need a TEAM to Turn Your Expertise into a Business


You have an idea you want to launch. You have great expertise in your specific field, BUT you need entrepreneurial strengths to take your core capability to the world in the form of a successful business. 

You need an endless resource of reliable, engaged energy to give you the confidence and courage to start and grow a business. 

Our approach to evaluating potential staff members will ensure your startup is successful and that the foundations that begin your enterprise are scalable for your big bright future. 

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Two Steps to Sustainable, Scalable Business Growth


You have been running your own business for a while now, and it's been going well. So well, that you are now rushed off your feet. 

There are two critical steps you must take to free you up to run your business. 

  1. Recruit the ideal personalities .

  2. Define the set of processes that define your business. 

As potential staff come your way, you MUST evaluate them to ensure they are the right person for the requirements (defined by the ideal process set).

The secret to growth is to be able to delegate defined processes to trustworthy and knowledgeable team leaders. 

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You Have Defined Processes, Right?


The truth is, your business will NEVER scale if you don't have the right process set in place. 

For a business to move to high performance and growth, we need defined processes, policies and systems; and the wonderful synergy here is that our ProScan software ties together the organizational process set with the ideal team members to deliver the optimal high performance basis to your business. 

People, Processes, ProScan. The Golden Ticket. 

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The Critical Importance of Culture


Three Keys to Fulfilled Staff

Once people come on board and they have their processes to deliver against, there are three critical things to do to ensure they keep motivated and happy. 

  1. Measure the Culture

  2. Manage the Culture

  3. Hire for the Culture

Placing these three elements into the organisation - and measuring them with ProScan - leads to staff happiness, fulfilment... and long-term retention.  

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