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Using PDPworks Platform, we will show you the THREE Proven Secrets to unlock leverage points in yourself and others to grow your business (Hint: They aren't what you think...)

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Jim Farmer

Business Performance Coach

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PDPworks Growth Framework

1. People

Building a team is not an expense; they are one of the most essential strategic investments your business will ever make to create the momentum required for consistent growth.

2. Process

The process identifies the diverse leverage points you will need across your team members to create extraordinary growth.

3. System

The system enables you to do less and gets the business to do more—this is where the company grows faster and sustains that growth over the long term. 

From here, scalable, sustainable growth is a natural outcome. 

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Creating Growth



You have been running your own business for a while now—you may want it to be further ahead, but the friction is holding you back.

If so, it's time to identify the fastest leverage points across your team, systems, and internal controls that remove the friction to get ahead faster.

We have transformed the best practices of entrepreneurs who grow faster and healthier. Additionally, we turned these best practices into a repeatable process to enjoy freedom while owning a business.

We know what it takes to remove friction so you can get ahead faster and experience satisfaction in your growth.

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You Are an Expert at What You Do



Your business doesn't need to be just good. It needs to be great. It requires the type of growth that is maintainable, scalable, and repeatable. Otherwise, it isn't successful at all.

Working with entrepreneurs, we have found that the entrepreneur going on the journey is missing a leverage point for this type of growth. In other words, if you are going to experience growth of significance, you need a team around you

We know how to build the right team...

You'll find our approach will help you in thinking more clearly about how to Lead Better, Live Better, Feel Better, and Still Have a Life!

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The Best Employees do the Best & Most Work

But Most Companies Struggle With SELECTING THE BEST CANDIDATE


Most business leaders would agree that the most difficult, frustrating, and costly part of starting and running a business is selecting the right candidate. 

If you select the ideal candidate, they consistently deliver results, are happy in their work, and stay with your company longer. 

We have decades of experience developing best-of-class application software, giving you the leverage points in determining whether someone is a fit for the job. It is unique and proven across five million-plus case studies

Working together, we can help you solve one of the most costly and complex problems in starting, managing, and growing a business. 

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You Have What You Need to Scale, Right?



The bottom line is that scaling your company and reaching the ambitious goals—you will need to build a business, not a job (where the company owns you).

That calls for a team, processes, and systems to enter rapid, scalable, sustainable growth. That means you can scale the business to the big time, passively own the company with a greatly diminished role, or sell and exit with lifetime capital, wealth surplus, and creating your next adventure.


The Golden Ticket 

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"When you use ProScan (The Entrepreneurial Success Formula)—you experience extraordinary results in your work. It also gives you the freedom to determine your most satisfying path in life."

-Joy F.

Health Coach
Joy In Motion

“I remain amazed from how the 10-minute ProScan survey laid out a comprehensive narrative report for me to leverage my strengths. This leverage speeds up my ability to grow faster, serve more value to others, move the needle, and generate impact & profit for myself and company.”

-Billy B.

Vice President of Strategic Accounts




"JobScan saves money and time in selecting the right candidate.  It streamlines the recruiting process, identifies the best candidate that fits the position, and removes the unconscious bias to hire people like ourselves.

Plus, with TeamScan—you build a self-managed team that generates momentum and accelerates growth."

-Lindsay M.

Owner & Entrepreneur
McWilliams Media


"PDPworks gives me the leverage points to thrive in my work and life. In my company, that enables me to serve more value to my customers."

-Lauren B.

I Am Fruitful

"With ProScan, you unlock your Entrepreneurial Success Formula.  That enables you and your business to stand out in a crowded and noisy market, which is always good insurance for the future."

-Kal F.

Owner & Entrepreneur
Stylus Auto Care

"You can quickly identify the strengths that move the needle in yourself and your team members, so your company can consistently get ahead. It's all available in one place—the PDPworks Platform."

 -Lisa P.

Managing Partner
KLB Boarding Kennel

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