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THREE Proven Secrets to Grow Your Business

Identify Leverage Points Across The THREE Proven Secrets:

  Entrepreneurial Success Formula
Team Success Code
The Right Candidate

Quick, Accurate, and Reliable

ProScan ®

Entrepreneurial Success Formula

TeamScan ®

Life, work or business coaching to help you unlock your potential to maximise your own performance. Here to serve and support you to tap into your inner wisdom.

Team Success Code

JobScan ®

We develop bespoke sessions to achieve your objectives. Consulting, workshops, coaching or bite-size sessions (1-3 hours) that best fits into your time and budgets.

The Right Candidate Algorithm


We develop bespoke sessions to achieve your objectives. Consulting, workshops, coaching or bite-size sessions (1-3 hours) that best fits into your time and budgets.

Overcome Stress It Kills Growth

ProScan ®

The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success

What are the behaviors successful entrepreneurs leverage to grow a high-performance business? 

Do you run your business—or does your business run you?

Do you wish you could make more money—and have more time?

What about growing your business without fatiguing or plateauing?

Would you like to reclaim your time and energy so you have more focus for your highest priority work and loved ones?

How about keeping motivation consistent and gaining leverage on what's important in your life?

Now, you can. ProScan application software houses the "Entrepreneurial Success Formula" that unpacks the patterns of strengths found in entrepreneurs breaking the $1M and $1B glass ceilings. 

The information is based on evidence-based research. The success formula is scientifically proven.  

AND YOU can use it to unlock YOUR success formula for YOUR business. 


The Secret to Your Team Success Code

Identify Each Team Member's Leverage Points in Minutes

“No one can whistle a symphony.  It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”  — H.E. Luccock

The BEST thing that can happen to you as an entrepreneur is to find the right team. A team that you can rely on. A team that you don't need to babysit. A self-starting, self-managing, self-directed team that you can trust to consistently deliver. 

Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was a TOOL TO DO THAT?! 

The great news is that TeamScan will solve the two key challenges:

  1. Turn you into a transformational leader who can create an extraordinary team.  

  2. Leverage the people's success code so the company can perform at the highest levels. 

We will help you to get your team out in front of you to generate the momentum that will accelerate your growth... and set YOU free to concentrate on the high-level, strategic work.

Click below to schedule a call and get your orchestra playing The Company Growth Symphony! 


The Secret to Selecting The Right Candidate

Stop us if you've heard (or uttered) words like these before:

"Mary has the skills, but She's just not the right person for the job."

"I keep trying to encourage Jack to do better work, but I can't figure out what makes him tick."

We can eliminate words like these from your business.

JobScan® accurately matches requirements for the position to the natural leverage points of each candidate to predict which candidate is the best fit. 

More than 10 million people have taken a JobScan survey.

Click below to see why 5,000+ companies are crushing the people performance problem with the JobScan application software.


Unlock Your Stress Mastery

Freedom From Anxiety

As an entrepreneur, you are created for freedom to grow and thrive. This drive can cause you to be hyper-vigilant at times, leading to unrelenting stress.

Unrelenting stress is the most prominent reason entrepreneurs destroy growth in starting or running their businesses.

Free Your Growth

Leverage four decades of evidence-based research for you to make the internal shift to step out of this exhausting cycle of unrelenting stress that limits your peace of mind to grow your company.

Realize new levels of freedom in growing and thriving - put an end to struggling with low-level anxiety, mild concern, panic attacks, and constant worry.

What FYNS clients are saying

When you use ProScan (The Entrepreneurial Success Formula)—you experience extraordinary results in your work. It also gives you the freedom to determine your most satisfying path in life." -  -Joy F., Health Coach, Joy In Motion

I remain amazed from how the 10-minute ProScan survey laid out a comprehensive narrative report for me to leverage my strengths. This leverage speeds up my ability to grow faster, serve more value to others, move the needle, and generate impact & profit for myself and company.” -Billy B., Vice President of Strategic Accounts, IBH

JobScan saves money and time in selecting the right candidate.  It streamlines the recruiting process, identifies the best candidate that fits the position, and removes the unconscious bias to hire people like ourselves.

Plus, with TeamScan—you build a self-managed team that generates momentum and accelerates growth." - Lindsay M.,

Owner & Entrepreneur, McWilliams Media

PDPworks gives me the leverage points to thrive in my work and life. In my business, that enables me to serve more value to my customers." -Lauren B.,
Founder, I Am Fruitful

With ProScan, you unlock your Entrepreneurial Success Formula.  That enables you and your business to stand out in a crowded and noisy market, which is always good insurance for the future." -Kal F.,
Owner & Entrepreneur, Stylus Auto Care

You can quickly identify the strengths that move the needle in yourself and your team members, so your company can consistently stay ahead. It's all available in one place—the PDPworks Platform."

 -Lisa P.,
Managing Partner, KLB Boarding Kennel

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