Our Vision is to position entrepreneurs everywhere to grow their business regardless of economic conditions.



Our Mission is to drive entrepreneurial growth as reliable as the sun-energizing, fulfilling, and sustaining.

We quickly and accurately measure and provide access to the entrepreneur and team member's "Success Formula" to unlock certainty, full potential, the right actions, and best results for the individual and other's high satisfaction and profit.

We are all about realizing outcomes of focus; momentum; leveling up; succeeding more quickly;​ sustaining success for long term impact and profit; feeling free; being grateful; in love with life; being empowered; staying healthy (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically); relating (influence) to get along in relationships; better serving value to others; and​ experiencing a fulfilling extraordinary life.



Our Journey to getting your Success Formula right for scalable, sustainable growth


How did it all begin?

We started with the end in mind. The outcome of our journey is so you can turn our four decades of PDP research and development into days to serve the value you need now. From our gold standard statistical analysis for your business, you will eliminate trial and error and quickly level up yourself and your company to create scalable, sustainable growth in any market condition.  

All our PDP research and development focuses on customer needs, so you can increase your awareness of and leverage your “Success Formula.” As a result, YOU can seriously and significantly amplify momentum, serve value to yourself and others, have an impact, become extraordinary, get results faster, sustain success, realize fulfillment, and spend more time doing what YOU love and matters to YOU.


The Systemization of People Management

I was fascinated by the power and analytics—which put me on a journey to ensure it advanced from a world of science and academia to entrepreneurial companies globally. 

My company, FYNS, grew out of this evidence-based and continual improvement research that ensures the highest degree of accuracy and predictability, bar none. FYNS remains on a predetermined course to serve the value to entrepreneurs and their teams. 

We provide the entrepreneurial organization the PDPworks Platform, so you can use it to unlock: "how extraordinary entrepreneurs and teams become that way."

With the PDPworks Platform, you and your team can master extraordinary performance with speed and simplicity. 


The Awakening...

Once I was working with customers - and in particular, entrepreneurs - I quickly realized that the value of PDP was extraordinary! I found personal satisfaction and fulfillment in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and get their life back.  I wake up inspired to do this work and feel fulfilled by the work I'm doing at the end of the day. 

There is a multitude of facets that make FYNS offering uniquely able to help businesses. From our philosophy of high-performance coaching, training, and certifying individuals within your entrepreneurial organization to become in-house experts in applying our people management processes, to our sound research that provides exceptionally accurate human metrics and descriptions, FYNS delivers uniquely powerful results with unparalleled value. 


You Will Not Believe What Is Going On in the Background...

Our approach is different. Our foundation is grounded in:

  • Conducting exceptional research with the world's leading credentialed professionals, research experts, behavioral scientists, cognitive neuroscientists, quantum physicists, experienced leaders in business and industry, and leveraging innovative technology.

  • Reporting the entrepreneurs and team's "Success Formula" is straightforward, jargon-free written descriptions.

  • Packaging the "Success Formula" measurements and reporting within the PDPworks Platform enables the entrepreneur and team ease of access to leverage and perform extraordinarily.


Stringent Research Standards 

Research is ongoing and started 4 decades ago! That's a lot of data and an incredible amount of analysis. 

Since the beginning, stringent research standards are upheld, so all results are strictly validated and verified.

  • Research is based on statistical analysis, not proving a theory.

  • Survey instruments are researched and developed by credentialed professionals, research experts, behavioral scientists, and experienced leaders in business and industry.

  • The survey instrument design elicits an individual's most natural and unbiased response.

  • While the industry standard for correlating coefficients is only .60, our standard is a minimum of .80.

  • A variable norm algorithm accurately determines an individual's strengths compared to other's strengths rather than to population norms.

  • The initial research sample consists only of working adults — not students.

  • Third-party validation and verification ensure all measures' accuracy (that all results represent what they are supposed to measure).


Adherence To Research Compliance
And Standards

Adherence To Research Compliance And Standards


How about this..?! 

96% of individuals surveyed in 2020 agree in field testing that their ProScan Survey results are accurate and generate healthy growth.

"Wow...the secret to amplifying results,

 showing you what natural strengths to leverage to hit your goals faster and easier."

"A proven direct path that reduces the time and cost in selecting the best candidate that is a natural fit for the position to enjoy exceeding performance expectations." 

"You are gaining clarity on what you can do today to reclaim your time and energy, so you have more focus for your highest priority work."

"I now have a proven method for increasing productivity without fatiguing or hitting burnout."

"The team is in the flow

, generating more momentum and accelerating growth.!"

"A proven system to Grow
Your Business and Have A Life."


By the Numbers

Our evidence-based and continual improvement research

ensures unparalleled accuracy, practicality, fairness, and value.

Over FIVE MILLION case studies using the survey completed to date in all types of positions and stages of the entrepreneurial journey, individuals worldwide have completed the ProScan Survey.

We exceeded the industry standard of correlating coefficients of .60. Our correlating coefficients between .80 and .94 have proven invaluable in providing entrepreneurs and teams with predictable, accurate results they can use to scale their companies.

97% of entrepreneurs surveyed in the first five months of 2021 agree with their survey results.

An incredible feat, but one we never tire of hearing clients tell us. It is rewarding when people tell us their results are “spot-on.

Give me a call! Join the movement of extraordinary entrepreneurs we have helped to find success. 

Jim Farmer

Co-Founder & High Performance Coach

Going beyond thirty-five-plus years, Jim is found coaching multiple business leaders, just like you, to grow their companies more quickly than others and sustain that success over the long term.

Jim is rooted in leading multiple entrepreneurial healthcare industry companies to perform scalable, sustainable growth in sales, profits, customers as raving fans, team performance, team satisfaction, and business-owner satisfaction. The type of scalable, sustainable growth that transforms regardless of economic and competitive conditions.

In Jim's journey, he discovered that the entrepreneurs who grew their business faster, bigger, and better had developed the ability to identify the fastest leverage points across their team, systems, and internal controls.  

And the common outcome was that these leverage points removed friction to get the company, team, and customers ahead quickly and repeatably.

The entrepreneur and their team found these leverage points gave them the ability to cut through or leap over tremendous obstacles nearly effortlessly.

In addition, the leverage points served as points of power—where a small amount of leverage applied to one strength produces significant changes in the company's growth for the company and customers to benefit.

Now you see why Jim is here. He's purposed to drive entrepreneurial growth as reliable as the sun—energizing, fulfilling, and sustaining.

You can join the movement of entrepreneurs directing their energy to generate scalable, sustainable growth

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What FYNS clients are saying

When you use ProScan (The Entrepreneurial Success Formula)—you experience extraordinary results in your work. It also gives you the freedom to determine your most satisfying path in life." -  -Joy F., Health Coach, Joy In Motion

I remain amazed from how the 10-minute ProScan survey laid out a comprehensive narrative report for me to leverage my strengths. This leverage speeds up my ability to grow faster, serve more value to others, move the needle, and generate impact & profit for myself and company.” -Billy B., Vice President of Strategic Accounts, IBH

JobScan saves money and time in selecting the right candidate.  It streamlines the recruiting process, identifies the best candidate that fits the position, and removes the unconscious bias to hire people like ourselves.

Plus, with TeamScan—you build a self-managed team that generates momentum and accelerates growth." - Lindsay M.,

Owner & Entrepreneur, McWilliams Media

PDPworks gives me the leverage points to thrive in my work and life. In my business, that enables me to serve more value to my customers." -Lauren B.,
Founder, I Am Fruitful

With ProScan, you unlock your Entrepreneurial Success Formula.  That enables you and your business to stand out in a crowded and noisy market, which is always good insurance for the future." -Kal F.,
Owner & Entrepreneur, Stylus Auto Care

You can quickly identify the strengths that move the needle in yourself and your team members, so your company can consistently stay ahead. It's all available in one place—the PDPworks Platform."

 -Lisa P.,
Managing Partner, KLB Boarding Kennel

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